Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Feb. 8, 2007

an eighty pound tyra trying to slip unnoticed into the cat room and accidently turning her back on buddy while she checked out a teddy bear just out of reach. then imagine buddy silently flying out of his basket, streaking across the room and leaping up to bite tyra in the butt. and then further stretch your imagination to realize that tyra just didn't notice. buddy was crestfallen and went back to bed.

then imagine tyra and i stretched out on the couch with her curled up close beside me. when six pound sissy appears as her little head pops up and she calculates the risks. desire won over prudence and she jumped up to find a soft spot to share. first she tried my chest and then my neck but both were to upright and hard. she finally decided that tyra looked soft and inviting and climbed up, curled around herself on tyra's side and then went to sleep.

every time i told sissy how cute she was, she squinted her eyes at me and wiggled her ears. tyra is such a very good dog with the tiny ones.



Those bears are pretty tough - and there's more where that came from - tell Tyra she is welcome to de-stuff it (as long as I don't have to pick up all the stuffing). What's the point of being a dog and having a stuffy if you can't de-stuff it???? LOL


ha, ha, not so sweet jean...she was eyeballing the hand made teddy bear from your mom and imagining de-stuffing it's belly.