Rescue Journal

today at saints

Alison  ·  Feb. 8, 2007

maudie needs therapy...that dog is the biggest nag i have ever met in my about kitchen cop.

i thought i was on my own today cuz julie was sick, but francesca and marie made the trek out from vancouver and did all the things that i have trouble doing. they brought their rescued dogs with them, and gosh they are all so very lovely. dex, norton, maude, trev, copper and michael all had walks so it ended up being a really good day.

i did a full feed run (the feed store kindly loaded it up for me) and i am hoping jean will unload it tonight because tommorrow i am taking trev and tigger woods into the vets and i need some place in the van to stuff them....oh jean, i will feed you dinner????

greg managed to clear a four foot underbrush-free path 3/4's around the property line today in anticipation of running the smaller gauge wire early next week. that man works really hard and fast and in the morning pouring rain too. right now he is a godsend.

the heavy equipment is still doing it's thing out in the fields today. i am hoping to crutch out on saturday to have a look, tomorrow is out because the vet runs will be all i can manage.

it feels very quiet and empty without moses and cedric which is odd because there are so many others, but odd or not, it still feels empty.



Great, now when I think of Maudie, I'll hear "you dirty bird" and think of hobbling. Niiiiiice.
We used to be deluded about MacKenzie, who is basically Maude Jr., thinking she might settle and mellow with age. Good thing Chris didn't meet Annie Wilkes, I mean Maude, before she met Kenzie......


lol...except is about me now too...she has not jumped a fence since i got hurt, apparently, she has appointed herself my official keeper. she is a good dog, but she is like a screeching, nagging, bossy, mother-in-law from hell. she actually reminds me of al ittle of kathy bates from "misery" (except she is sweet)


Poor misunderstood Maude! She still hasn't forgiven you for being so selfish, breaking your ankle, having surgery, being hospitalized, spending time away from SAINTS. It's all about her, y'know, and you still have some major sucking up to do before she lets you off the hook.

God, but I love that dog.