Rescue Journal

Carl, the curious llama

Jean  ·  Feb. 11, 2007

Once upon a time there was a chocolate brown llama named Carl. He used to hide in the bushes and be afraid of people, but then he came to SAINTS and learned that people feed llamas carrots and apples and good healthy grains and hay. And he was given a job to do, guarding the sheep. And he was a very happy llama.

After a while, he decided that he might one day need another career. And so he began looking around the barn to see where his talents could best be used. He thought a job as supervisor might be good - he could watch through the windows to make sure the person cleaning the stalls was doing a good job. He tried that role for a while, but decided it wasn't enough.

So he began to watch the person mixing up the evening foods. Ah…there was a possible career choice. Food inspector….oh, better yet, Head Chef! He tried on the role. As each bowl of feed was carried to its appropriate stall, he imperiously reached out his long neck and peered closely at the contents of the dish. Was it correctly prepared? Pleasantly presented? Did the aroma make one salivate? He could just see himself in a tall white chef's hat. Oh, wait.... maybe he could be the Royal Food Taster. Definitely a suitable job for a regal llama.

Or maybe he was just checking to be sure I wasn't giving HIS grain to any of the other creatures. No matter what he thought he was doing, he was very conscientious and thorough. And I'm sure he'll live happily ever after.