Rescue Journal (sanderson, sandy) "Al" (i love that name!)

Alison  ·  Feb. 13, 2007

apparently is having his new home's garden re-arranged. his vision isn't great and he has accidently run into the rose bushes when he is out zooming...the rose bushes were dug up and moved to protect his little self. he is also apparently obsessed and addicted to tim bits (gee i wonder how that happened????) so they have had to limit his trips to tim hortons. ooops.

and Al's new family can't get our other saint, trev out of their heads. but trev is more questions right now than answers (plus he looks like crap with his shaved and scabby skin)...but it is nice to know that someone cares enough for him to keep asking. and who knows, maybe when we reach the point of answering the questions around trev's health, maybe Al will have a new brother to help find a cool name. wouldn't that be nice?