Rescue Journal

rainy day

Alison  ·  Feb. 14, 2007

brandon gave birth to 4 more live guinea pig babies (dad was neutered more than 2 months ago but apparently not before he got her again, bad colton)...i cannot express how (not) happy i am that there are breeding animals up here. anyway...that should be it, since colton is snipped. we will get that first babe fixed as soon as the vets will allow and the same for the new little ones too. what species in their right minds have sex the night of giving birth? (i would have seriously injured anyone who suggested that to me the night any of my kids were born)

deb is out in the pouring down rain with everyone except andy and tally (who don't want to get wet) and the triple needy freakouts, lexie, trever and maudie. yes folks apparently maudie is no longer running and running and running some more, unless the one she obsesses over is with her too. she flatly refused to go and when deb took her by the collar and made her, maude waited til deb was out of sight and jumped the back yard fence to get back in. i had to crutch out in the rain to let her back in. deb says she is a wuss (she might be right)

the vet came and looked at spritely and so did the ferrier and everyone thinks she looks great, so much for freaking out and worrying. but happily i don't have to anymore.



Maude? Maude? Who is this Maude you speak of? I know nobody named Maude. Carl-the-Alien is my new favourite SAINT.
I sometimes put a carrot on top of Carl's feed. I did tonight, fortunately, since I was feeling so good about Petunia's decision that I don't suck (after I brought her orange melon instead of the inferior green melon).
Amazing how animals can play one's ego like a fine Stradivarius.


Ha ha - Deb, I know just how you feel! It was such a neat feeling the first time Carl came in while I was there. Wait until he stealthly sneaks up on you in Tunie's stall while you fix the feed and peers over your shoulder - it's all I can do not to turn around and hug him, I get so excited!
Have you tried offering him a half a carrot yet? I usually give him one while he's waiting for me to finish feeding the other guys. I think that's why he creeps up on me now - to see if I have more carrots. If he won't take it from your hand, just leave it on the top of the gate to Tunie's stall, or on the bales of hay. Soon he'll be following you around like a love-sick Maude.


Maude used to be my favourite SAINT. Now it's Michael. And Dexter. And Trevor. And Norton. And Copper. And anyone else who is not a wussy-pussy mama's girl. Who knew the mouthy wonder was such a suck? Well, besides Carol, who always knows.

Big news!! Carl the Alien actually came into the barn while I was in it!!!! I'm finally understanding Sally Field and her "You like me, you really, really like me!" breakdown from years ago.


good thing you have a place to write down said thoughts then! trick is getting them here before they rattle out someplace else...


i always have lots to say but i forget most of it either before or after it is said.


you have lots to say today don't ya!
Naughty pigglies! They are worse than mice! Maybe they need to learn where babies come from. Sex education in the bunny room? that's disturbing :p
Birthing of children isn't something this girl has any interest in. Quite happy with my brood of cats and 2 little dogs who hate being on a diet.
speaking of which time to feed them. Oh boy brownish stuff from a can!