Rescue Journal

open gates equal injured dogs.

Alison  ·  Feb. 14, 2007

someone, sometime must have tried to go thru the dog yard into the riding ring and unlatched the gate that we never use, this morning the dogs got loose, they pushed open the unlatched gate. luckily some went to the bottom field with greg so he knew there was a problem. he found cole outside of the fence up by the road with blood dripping from his ear and brought him back to tell me. of course the beagle was gone and nowhere in sight, so greg and eva went out on foot in the pouring rain while i went out in my van. i found the little bugger part way down stave lake road and he knew i was pissed so he came when i called and sulked on the seat during the ride back home again.

we are about to become fort knox, i have sent greg out for padlocks and chains. i have been trying to avoid this because this not how i want to live but until i am mobile enough to double check all the gates and latches at the end of each day, i guess i better bite the bullet and just do it.

i cleaned up coles ear and fed him a treat, i don't like blood on our dogs, it means we have a problem.