Rescue Journal

i am a saint!

Alison  ·  Feb. 15, 2007

tonight is the first time i have felt like one...not cuz i am crippled and getting old and wrecked like everyone else here, but because i am a LONG suffering angel.

anyone who knows me, knows that i love hot baths. they are hot and clean and relaxing and i am actually, mostly allowed to have them without the active participation of the animals ( if i shut pops in the sick room). i missed out on them most of the summer and fall due to our water shortages, which pretty much almost drove me insane.. since i broke my ankle i was reduced to sponge baths but once i got the air boot and a bath bench, i could actually splash around with my feet in the water and carefully use the shower hose if i didn't hit the hole in the back wall. still not fun, but better than nothing.

so today i secretly plot a full meal deal bath. i spent an hour changing the linens on my bed (not easy when you can't walk). i spent another two hours washing all of my pj's and robes so i would have a good selection to fully savor the moment( i even put dryer sheets in the dryer for extra softness and to make them smell really fresh and clean). and finally, i drew a full and hot bath. i positioned the bath mat for perfect safety, and i used the bath bench to get in so i didn't fall thru the rest of the wall. and i slipped down into that hot, hot , crystal clear water and proceeded to soap and suds and soap some more. it was wonderful. the best bath i have ever was tricky getting out again but i did it.

and then i picked my softest robe, and my warmest pj's. i carefully chose a matching sock for my one slipper. i wheeled back into the cat room to tuck everyone in before i headed off to my nice clean bed.

sissy needed a hug, when i picked her up she rubbed her moist flaky self all over my bathrobe. that was a bad idea. so i put her down. jack wanted up too and she is cleaner, i didn't realize til i held her close that she had just walked thru a puddle of pee.

what a waste of six hours of planning, anticipation and execution.