Rescue Journal

norton, eva and other things

Alison  ·  Feb. 15, 2007

kathy helped me get norton into the van, and i managed him myself both in and out of the clinic (nortons pokiness is a good thing!) anyway he has a pretty bad bowel infection so he is on 3 new meds to help clear him up. there may be more to this than just that but i am hesitant to go looking too far, we can't fix cancer on a 13 year old bassett. fingers are crossed that he is feeling a heck of alot better soon.

eva is not well, she went into the hospital this morning, i just called and checked and she is still in emerg. fingers and toes crossed for eva that she feels better really soon.

our medication regime has quadrupled lately, can someone heading out here in the next couple of days grab some vanilla ice cream and a big pack of kraft cheese slices....this is how they like to get their meds and i have yet to figure out how to crutch and carry groceries. thx.

and finally, i will need someone to help me with the care in the rabbit room for the next little bit til eva is recovered. so if anyone is free, let me know what days and between us we might come close to meeting eva's standards of care. and lord help us if we don't.



I have only helped Eva once with the rabbits but I think I could do it on my own. I'd be happy to help out on Tuesday.


i just talked to eva...she is home after a real rough day in emerg. lol...she thought she might be ok to come to work tomorrow (after i got thru with her, she now knows she won't be!!!) and hopefully by next week after a couple of days of rest she will be good again and come back to her beloved bunnies.

and the only 2 things i have found that you can hide that absolutely disgusting ivermectin ice cream or deb's cinnamon buns (and i am pretty sure i still saw trevs eye brows raise a bit even with the ultra sweet sticky bun.)...that stuff is just too gross for words.


Ha,Ha you are a funny girl Deb!!!!!! I know Carol prefers her meds with brownies and Baileys!! The cream cheese is supposed to be for Norton.


In all seriousness, though, I really hope Eva is okay, and a bowel infection certainly explains the toxic sludge that was Norton's fecal sample.


"Cream cheese works really well for giving meds to carol."

Otherwise you just have to hold her nose and shove them down her throat! :)


I can do the rabbits Friday this week, Saturday, and Sunday if need be since I'm there.


I'm sorry Norton and Eva aren't feeling well. Give norton a mooshy hug for me if he'll let you and tell Eva I'm sending her positive thoughts. I hope she's okay!!! A bowel infection for poor old Norton that sounds like a painful and messy one.


Cream cheese works really well for giving meds to carol. The pills stick in there really good and it's easy to get a little plop of it in their mouths. That's what I use with Fred although any type of food works for him.


never mind re ice cream and cheese slices...the staff at safeway said they would help me collect up what i need...that is a nice store!