Rescue Journal

first night at saints

Alison  ·  Feb. 17, 2007

so first night in for the new guys and they are settling in well. i left them alone for a couple of hours and went out for dinner with a friend. the house was still clean which was really nice, except norton had a really not nice accident. tonight there was alot of blood in his stool and i don't see much improvement with all of the meds. come on norton, feel better!

wesley is a sweet dog, trying really hard to fit in. i suspect he is a bit of a giant goof but it will take some time for him to feel safe enough to let that show. wesley's self is still hiding so it will take a few days to get to know him. but i think we have another dexter on our hands.

i am convinced that hannah is a rotti/beagle cross. i can recognise every nuance of those two pain in the butt breeds. and just what i need, a copper-jazz combo, and the sensible part of me is shuddering already. i couldn't figure out why i liked her the second i saw her, and now i know...because i am insane. but gosh she is fat, and cute and stubborn and selfish and she has that classic happy "what's yer problem?" beagle grin. i think she is going to make me laugh alot. and i think everyone else should just get out of her way and follow her rules. i made up three beds in the entrance way cuz hannah, dex and wes have all decided they are sleeping in there. i made the first bed and hannah got up and sat on it. i made the second bed and she sat on that one too. i made the third one and she took that one next. and when dex took one of the others, she told him to get lost. it was too close to the one that she had. so we moved the third bed just thru the door into the kitchen and hanah took that one at last. and now no one wants to walk past her thru the doorway cuz apparently she owns the door.

anyway, everyone managed well while i was gone and another double introduction is done. gosh i have great animals here, where else would a double new intro between 20 dogs and 20 cats go so very smoothly. way to go guys!!!!



And a Happy New Year as it is Year of the Pig, Best Wish to all and extra cake for Miz Petunia.