Rescue Journal

Charley and Toby's marvellous adventure

Jean  ·  Feb. 17, 2007

Today's tale isn't about SAINTS dogs but about my own dog, Charley, and Ellen's dog Toby. Ellen and I decided it was time to give our own dogs some much needed exercise and one-on-one attention and playtime. So this morning we met outside V V Boutique in Maple Ridge (Bonus: I found a brand new dog car seat belt, still in the box, in Charley's size for $5.00, and she actually didn't mind wearing it!), and then Ellen led me down the country roads to a very quiet and isolated area of the dikes. We walked for two hours without seeing a soul until we were almost right back to our car when we passed on lone walker and his dog. I knew there were dikes near MR, but it didn't realize you can walk practically forever, all with incredible views of blue, blue water and snow covered mountains and fields of gold and green.

Charley and Toby decided each other was okay, and they happily trotted along off leash checking out all the interesting smells left by other doggies. Toby, little muffin that he is, had to taste test the most interesting ones - Ewwwww, Toby!!!!

We all got lots of fresh air and exercise in absolutely beautiful surroundings. Charley got to stop at McDonalds on the way home (nothing like a high fat lunch to counteract the benefits of exercise) and she must have worked up an appetite because for the first time in her ten-plus years she actually ate in the car without hesitation. Usually she will reluctantly take the offered treat and stash it until she gets back home!

Thanks for a great day, Ellen. We'll have to do it again some time.



Toby and I also had a wonderful time out on the dikes, we must do it again soon!!!