Rescue Journal

saints welcomes....

Alison  ·  Feb. 17, 2007

wesley (he was rocky at CAC, he waited long enough to find a way out) and hannah who came from there too. both have wrecked back ends, but both are really wonderful dogs. they managed the all intro's here today quite well. it will take a few days for them to fully appreciate the good things here besides the too many others. but they sure like the tim bits and all the great people, just wait til they get to go for their first run!



They are both wonderful dogs! I am totally besotted with Wesley who has that wonderful lab face that I just melt for, and is just the sweetest most beautiful boy.
And then Carol pointed out to me the resemblance between Hannah and Copper - they have exactly the same big smile and mischievous eyes! Carol thinks Hannah is a beagle/rotti cross - picture a beagle in a rotti's body - and she could be right. Oh no, TWO Coppers! I can just see the trouble brewing. LOL
Welcome home Hannah and Wesley.


Wesley is my Grandfather's name. Hannah is my Grandmother's middle name. Good choices.


Welcome home to Wesley and Hannah... You are now among beloved new friends and I can't wait to meet you on Monday. If you think Timbits are the ultimate, wait until Pizza night... You will love it at SAINTS. Glad you're home!!!