Rescue Journal

i just woke up in a great deal of pain.

Alison  ·  Feb. 18, 2007

i knew i was pushing it yesterday with chasing brown dog and i pushed it even further today. but i am so freaking frustrated sitting around when there is stuff that needs doing. and while i can do most of it while sitting on my butt in this gawd awful wheelchair, it is such a struggle and takes twice as long when just standing up and taking a step or two (or three, shhhh....) makes it so very much easier. and i was on a roll today, by the time i left here to go out for dinner, most of the laundry was done, all the dog and cat rooms were clean and fresh. it felt good to leave everyone in a good space and it felt good to come home again.

except, it doesn't feel all that great right now.

i am so tired of being a cripple. i know i am lucky that it is just a minor, temporary injury and not a life long condition. but it still pisses me off. why do i have so much patience for the animals disabilities and imperfections but absolutely none for human ones? actually, i know why. cuz i made a conscious choice many years ago to work really hard to help homeless animals. and this freaking hurting ankle is getting in my way!

and i would like to point out in my own self defence that over the years i have had many animal bones surgically pinned and plated back together again and NONE of them were non weight bearing for three days, let alone 3 months, that is why we plated and pinned and casted them, so they could is so not fair!

thank goodness i saved 2 tylenol #3's for emergencies cuz now i still have one left! i guess now i better be good til at least my next xray or my surgeon is going to get mad. have i said recently how much i hate this??!!!

oh, but some good news too..since i was awake anyway, i checked my email and purdy just got a great home!!! (and i get to visit too)



Okay....calling all volunteers...we are going to have to STRAP Carol to that confounded wheelchair. And it will take all of us to hold her down! LOL
Carol, we do NOT want you delaying the healing process and spending even longer than necessary in the chair. For our own sakes. Now BEHAVE!
(and send me your friggin' grocery list and I can pick up the stuff today for you).