Rescue Journal

sunday at saints

Alison  ·  Feb. 18, 2007

i am pretty sure we are going to lose norton. he really is not doing well. the meds are not making him better and he is getting weaker too. mo and i did manage to get his meds into him with ice cream and i added gravol to his anti nausea med, maybe the combo of the 2 together will help. i also started him onto tramadol for pain as i think the melixacam wasn't enough. i will talk to the vet tomorrow, he had said that by monday both the antibiotics should have started to work if it is just an infection. i guess tomorrow is the day that will come. i hope it is good.

hannah and wesley had their first run this morning. hannah is another water dog. she had a good swim and enjoyed herself and caught onto the rules of the run...(which is stay with the group and don't wander off). wesley is a typical lab with a big nose, he went everywhere and sniffed everything in sight. but i think he really enjoyed being free and he managed quite well with his weakness. he has been scouting out the garbage each time something interesting went in, so i think we are back onto garbage protection patrol.

eva is still not well so i will need some help next week with caring for the rabbits. if anyone is free their help will be greatly appreciated and i am pretty sure i can manage most of the house stuff on her days on my own.



Carol please give Norton a hug for me. I hope he;s able to rally . If not I;m glad he's there with you!

Francesca Wilson

Dear Carole
Soooo sorry to hear about Norton, although fingers crossed he will be OK. Having owned two bassets in my life I know they are very special and he is a dear. I cannot come to Saints until March 4th - with Marie away its tricky and this week I have my mother in hospital for surgery. I check every day though to see how things are with you so am always thinking of all the animals.
Take care