Rescue Journal

another day is closing.

Alison  ·  Feb. 19, 2007

and everyone is at peace. most are resting and sleeping, michael finally took his never ending bad mood to bed. sissy and buddy are the only active ones as they habitually scratch and dig and clean and get themselves ready to sleep. ellen is right, the kitchen is empty which is weird cuz there are alot of big bodies still in there. but there is an open, empty space in front of the fridge which is supposed to have a 75 pound norton.

i got thru every room with its cleaning and i got all the laundry caught up too. i have finished the meds and the feeding and i even made myself something to eat.

maudie has had a tough day. it started when i was tossing them cookies. these were rock hard and great big milk bones and they ended up stressing her out cuz she thought they were too hard to eat. micheal managed and so did dex, hannah, trev, wilbur and wes. but maude thought the effort too great but she did not want to leave it for anyone else. so she spent a good fifteen minutes, carefully burying it in the bed under the computer. it took awhile til she was sure it was safe. but then she had second thoughts. especially when she saw wilbur sniffing around the perimeter (he has a very good nose). maude stood over top of him, watching him closely, trying to decide if her bone was safe. she looked quite concerned so i finally dug it out and set it up on a shelf where only she could reach it and she seemed satisfied, but someone else found it and now it is gone.

i think it was trevor who stole it cuz maudie is really ticked with him tonight. if he so much as has a hair of his tail touching her while they share the couch, she yells at him. and all of a sudden i heard her screaming at him and i looked over and trev was rubbing his head around and bumping up against her pillows. it took him a second to clue in that maude was really mad but once he did, he stopped dead but his head stopped dead resting on top of her side. i thought she would blow a gasket and i swear her eyes were popping right out of thier sockets. when i started to laugh, (cuz it really was pretty funny)she groaned and turned her head away and faced the wall. trev then got up and moved further down the couch so as not to bug her anymore. maudie then looked really closely to check the distance between the tip of their tails, before she decided the distance was acceptable. now they are both sleeping and buddy and sissy have finally settled to sleep too.

i am having another hot bath tonight. since everyone is safe and asleep, maybe i can have some peace and quiet to remember, moses, ceddy norton and all the others who somehow made this place of insanity, hilarity and sometimes sadness, a really special home.



I am sorry your heart is heavy again tonight Carol. But it appears your charges are keeping you busy and have found there way to make you smile .