Rescue Journal

busy day

Alison  ·  Feb. 21, 2007

it started with 2 stray dogs, a goofy shep pup and a lovely border collie. then animal control came to pick them up while colleen and i were trying to get thru the cleaning. we gave sherri the tour and kept trying to catch up.

greg worked hard to get ellie-mae's stall complete before her arrival at noon and then the spca staff came so we stopped to get her settled and then gave another tour to meet the crew.

i swear the phone never stopped ringing and there is a new, old, sick cat for us at the vets. his name is cuddles, apparently his mouth is just rotten with infection and his white fur is stained yellow with urine. he will come home tomorrow for a week of antibiotics before we even look at doing his teeth.

deb came and the all dogs went insane in the lower field. i swear dex was going to kill himself in the pond. they all are happily sacked out now and i doubt i hear a peep from anyone for the rest of the night. the vet came and drained jenny's abcess so hopefully she will finally feel better. and it was almost 4 pm by the time colleen and i finished all of the areas and we really cheated today on the bunnies too, (but don't tell eva!).

i am tired, i wonder how colleen is...welcome to saints, good day, good company...thx everyone for all of your help!

oh...and i got the best butter chicken and trifle for dinner (omg you guys should open a catering service!)


Chris T

Colleen - Why are you up at 4:21 am??? Watch that Beaver - he bites when you pet him!!!


Colleen ( moi ) is a-okay.I had a glorious day. I have a crush on for a Yorkshire pig,( goshhhh, she is purrrdy ) Spritely is a goddess and I wish I had room for Hannah and Beaver. Pushy pushy cat, but you don't get what you want if you don't ask for it! And Ogidie ( sp? ) is a hunk. It's one big Love Boat. Not playing favorites or anything though!

Oh! And Wes. What a honey-pie. He's out of sorts, I hope he finds his people/person soon.

Thanks for the clown acts Trev! You're a tweetiepie!

And Michael, you are such a sweet boy. Kisses.

Oh heck, kisses you all!


lol...i will bring him down with mable mae on saturday. see...i can be helpful too (i just can't cook and wow you with my kitchen whizziness)! and thx for the dump run, altho dex was sorry to see his garbage disappear, for an old wrecked dog, he sure can make a mess. i think he was a dumpster diver in a previous life.


I didn't even meet Purdy! I was in a hurry to get to the dump before it closed (turns out it's open until 7:00 on Wednesdays) and forgot about him! D-Oh!


he had a freaking log!  and hey, you forgot someone here today, purdy is coming, you can't hide.


Nobody will ever convince Dex that he isn't a two year old fetching machine. Poor Carol was having conniption fits as Dex swam the length of the pond for a log. "Get him a little stick." "Find him a little stick." Dude has a big heart, and even though he scraped his nose, he was far happier with a branch than he would have been with a twig.