Rescue Journal

Story Time 2

Alison  ·  Feb. 24, 2007

The Road to Saints: The Move

No man is an island. But there are going to be moments when you are shipwrecked on your own and you better be able to survive til help arrives.

The offer to purchase this property was accepted on Nov. 18, 2005. the subjects for financing approval were removed on the 21st. We took possession on Dec the first and moved all the animals home on the 12th. In that three week period, I needed to have my husband refinance our family home and buy me out of my portion. All the flooring in the new place had to be replaced with lino, the entire interior needed to be painted and the dog fencing needed to be in place. And I had just mortgaged away the rest of my entire life. The old place was a disaster because for those three weeks before the move, I was working full time, caring for all the animals and trying to navigate thru all the issues of moving. I paid the price for those three weeks of dreaming a dream.

The absolute worst time in my entire life was the last 2 weeks of december and the first 2 weeks in january. I was sick, I was tired, I had a new place to set up and I had an old place that needed to be set back to rights. I literally worked from 6 am til long after midnight, I cried most of every day. I passed out twice at that old trailer and found myself down on the floor, i thought i had gassed myself with too much bleach. But i had pneumonia and I was too stupid to tell til finally in january I crashed and burned.

I did eventually get better, altho Winston just about killed me one day when I was still too weak to push him away. But things gradually got better and we started moving forward and the entire year of 2006 was devoted to giving each and every animal species a safe and comfortable home. I didn't do it alone, there were lot's of great people here who made this dream come true. But there were moments in time when i stood or fell here alone and that is just a hard fact of life. You cannot expect to have every moment easy, but you can expect to eventually make it through.

Abrahamn was the very first Saint to die here in our new home. I wish he had had longer than just a mere week to feel the rightness of where we were. He never got out into the lower pasture, he never saw our great big new pond. And the last few weeks of his life were spent waiting for me to sit by his side and hold him, and i was too sick and busy to do it very often.

Even realizing dreams can bring regrets.



i wanted to call it "Hope's House" cuz really SAINTS was built for Wee Hopeful Bug and all the animals like her who because of profound age, illness or disability, are unable to find a home of their own.
sadly "hope's house" was already taken when we applied for it. so then i was scrambling and came up with "senior and special needs animal rescue society" but if you made it "senior animals in need today society" you got the acronym SAINTS and that's what they are. and that is how we got the is a second choice reject, lol, just like the rest of us! how perfect is that??!!!


i had to ask what it was is an appetizer bar...lot's of appy's and i am told tasty dessert things too. and i am coming for the desserts so they better be there.


Thank you Carol for sharing your journey with someone who did not know. This was so special. Having been to Best Friends myself I can appreciate how you felt. The wonderful opportunity but knowing you could not fit into their mold and have to live within their mandate. You took away alot and got that special experience. I found Angels Canyon like Nivranah to me.

So glad you and your husband are friends. To have to much history and to loose it is such a tragedy...this way you both know it was for the best with not a great deal of bitterness.

PS what is a tapas band???