Rescue Journal

closed eyes

Alison  ·  Feb. 26, 2007

i think the very best gift given to all of us is the ability to navigate thru life mostly blind. when i think about the myraid of things that i just don't want to know about , the sheer enormanity of it is astounding. the sexually exploited children on our streets, the homeless, the hungry, the tortured drug addicted that live in our neighborhoods, the ones assualted by violence, or exist only in helplessness. the bludgeoning of baby seals. sometimes i wonder if we don't close our eyes because if we don't how could we possibly go on? global warming, air pollution. suicide bombers, the cruelty of factory farming, the genocide of some countries, the horrors of war, omg, the utter horror of the pickton many more things are there?... just watching a half hour of the news is terrifying.

i keep my eyes closed all of the time, just like i do during a really scarey movie, or one that is so brutal and raw with violence that leaps from the screen right into my chest. i don't think i could live in this world if i didn't keep my eyes closed most of the time. but i think if we pick a horror to peek at, we learn to open them up once in awhile. and the more that we look at the thing that hurts us so bad, we start to try to make it better. and maybe like me it is just one tiny thing like a really old, and abandoned or neglected animal, or for someone else, a child starving for lack of a chance in south africa. i believe that if everyone opens their eyes to just one of the things that scare us, well, then we have a billion eyes looking at something, somewhere. and isn't that what will finally make a difference? just a few wide open eyes, each looking at something together to bring some light to the dark places? i don't know what else will help, but someday it would be nice to live in a world with our eyes wide open without fear.