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publicity hounds

Alison  ·  Feb. 26, 2007

shaw cable tv is coming up to do a segment on us tomorrow. i have no idea how or when or where they air their show but i will ask. i am so excited cuz i am hoping they'd like a shot of ellie walking around the pond with nicole and some of the dogs so everyone can see how cool that is! gosh, a newspaper, a magazine, the radio (twice) and now cable tv. we might make animal planet next...actually i'd like an extreme makeover show better, i like that ty guy...that shop is just begging for help! someday....

quiet day...i feel lazy and tired and luckily the animals do to.

SAINTS welcomes "jenny" a new old cat. and i am really worried about her ability to adjust here. according to her family she has pretty much always been a bit persnickety and sensitive. she was de-clawed at some point for freely using them on people. anyway, it didn't make her bad moods go away but she lived a quiet life indoors with a senior. i am told she has moments of affection but also moments of stress. she is a hypothyroid cat and right now she is not getting her meds because she is mad. she is not eating or drinking or peeing or pooping and if she goes past day three, i will have to force her. i hate that, it just proves her right, people do suck, are mean and unkind. the first 24 hours is done, we are on to the second and please god, just let jenny eat on her own.


Chris T

Hi Wendy - email them to me at If you are having trouble, email me your phone number and I will walk you through it this evening. Thanks!


hi wendy, i am a computer moron but chris or nicole might be able to help you with this.


Hey there; been trying to send email to any of the addy's but it keep sgetting rejected as spam even though I put pig pics in the subject line. I have 2 pics of ellie mae on my comp from the place she was dumped at if you want em; they are cute.