Rescue Journal

figuring out about ellie

Alison  ·  Feb. 27, 2007

we have been discussing the best way to house ellie. what is cost effective, prudent and safe. and of course i have my own issues with how i want a pig here to be housed. i want her living in a warm, dry house that is large enough for her comfort. i want her yard to big enough for her to feel ok in if she has to be confined. i want a covered area for shade and protection from wet weather and i want it to open up by gate into a soon to be safely pig escape proof riding ring, and from there with supervision to freedom to roam on the rest of the propety for specific periods of time. i want her not to be able to root under the fences and set the animals free, and i really i want the siding on the buildings non accessible so she doesn't start ripping it off, and i don't want her to have complete freedom to excavate the entire fields and lawns at will either. and to give her all this will be expensive, especially if at some point we find her a home. so do we build it as both she and the rest of us need it, because she may well not find the kind of home that i want for her and if she doesn't, we better have the kind of home i do want for her, right here. sigh...i think we better build it the way both she and saints need it, if she finds herself a home, i am sure someone else will come along who can use it here later too. i have always said the care we provide is not based on dollars, it is based on what they actually need. cuz that is what we commit to when we say we will care for them here.

ok...i figured it out.



you are right mo, i editted that right out....that is not about closed eyes, it is about respect for those who suffered there.


Ha , how ironic, Carols previous post regarding closed eyes, is exactly what i am doing here... if I don't hear the words "piggies palace " ... I don't have to think about those women and the evil that preyed on them .. & yet, we should be thinking about them & remembering that they were here & now they aren't.


Good suggestion, Mo.
Porcine Paradise. Petunia's Porcine Paradise and Ellie's Garden of Eden.
Hog Heaven. LOL


Can we drop any reference to a pig palace, that was the name of the pickton farm & honestly I can't hear those words & not think of those woman & what went about we refer to their home as porcine paradise ?


Hey, lady in the wheelchair, what about me? Where's my pig palace???? Age before beauty, you know. No, that should be age and beauty before upstart, noisy little piggies that don't know their place!
I do hope you have plans for me in this fancy-smancey piggy plan. And I expect one of those very nice umbrellas on my patio - and I don't mean the kind in the cocktail glass, though I'll have one of those too.