Rescue Journal fish bowls for a new kind of rescue.

Alison  ·  Mar. 3, 2007

gosh the fog is thick tonight, it is like a thick blanket in the gloaming eve. the barn guys are to bed, and they all had carrots and apples cut up in their bowls so they were content with the end of their day. ellie is looking forward to being set loose tomorrow, she says she feels just fine and tunie would like her out of the barn too.

miz boo has been a big bother, she is back to her busy body ways. she bit a bunch of holes in this great picture of bill and then ran it thru the printer for good measure. luckily zoe brought me another copy today so i was only annoyed at boo for a couple of hours. i must admit, she is not as technologically challenged as i am cuz i still have yet to get that printer to work but boo figured it out right away. i guess storing favorite photo's in the paper tray is not as safe as i thought.

cole, and trev were bugging rocky today, and that made me really mad. i swear that sometimes it reminds me of living with teenagers again...except these guys aren't teenagers, they are dogs and i expect better behavior. cole is a wanna be cop in husky fur, i am not going to change that and he disappears pretty quick when i am mad. but trev is a dolt and being a dolt around here is a temporary condition because doltishness just causes trouble. trev needs some remedial lessons in listening and paying attention or i am implanting super sonic ultra sensitive hearing aides into his ear canel especially tuned to my "knock it off now" voice......ohhhh colleen???? it is really too bad because trev is a great dog, he is fun, and nice and usually quite kind. and potentially he has the ability to move from greatness to phenomenol except he needs someone to help him. he has been hanging out with the wrong crowd...cole is NOT a good role model for anyone.

and speaking of pain in the butts...some not so bright cat this week has started peeing on top of my stove. now i will admit that i don't personally use it for cooking but just because i am not using it doesn't mean that i said they can either. i am watching now and as soon as i catch that particular cat who is personally in big trouble...he or she is going to vet for a check and if all is well will be sentenced to life in the cat room with no chance of kitchen parole. it is a matter of time guys til i figure it out and then pack your bags cuz the kitchen is no longer your domaine.

you know.... animals are just like people...sheesh, we all mess up our lives just by being stupid! if i only chose to rescue goldfish instead of everyone else i would have alot less headaches..



Goldfish in bowls are sad and pathetic creatures. What a boring and wasteful life. Much like the beautiful Betta's that stupid and uneducated salespeople ( who refuse to listen and learn ) say are fine in an amount of water to keep them wet. ( eyeing my wood-chipper )

Trev...He has the most pretty eyes I've seen in a long time and his face is heart shaped. :) But what an ass at times.He does the whole head on top of neck thing/shoving in tight and close and grumbling. Thankfully all the dogs at SAINTS pay not much heed to him. In another world he'd be in trouble.

I'll take him out on Monday and work on focus focus focus. He's a very smart dog, he's trained every body to do his bidding with the balls, he'll grab it right quick I'm sure. He does look you directly in the eye so he's half way there!

Sidenote: Cole and Trev are lucky that Rocky is a passive boy. But they are just too focused on themselves to see/know that. It's like someone screaming at Ali ( the boxer, the man )and he walks right on by.