Rescue Journal

jenny and winston are going home next week

Alison  ·  Mar. 6, 2007

so everyone needs to say their goodbyes before next tuesday. i am sorry to see them go, i love those little buggers, they are my walking, yelling, huggable teddy bears but am glad they have such a great home to go to and the sheep want back in a stall right away. ahhh life might just become a little less hard work and that is good too.



Ooohhhh...that will be one bittersweet goodbye! Happy for them to be going home, sad for me because I will so much miss their wonderful, wonderful noisy hee-haws that make me laugh from deep inside my soul, their shoving and vying for attention when they know there is food to be had, the soft velvet of their chins, the funny ears that stick out sideways when they are hollaring for dinner. And I shall especially miss Jenny's furry-faced snuggles as she leans into me in her more melancholy moments. Awww, Jenny girl, I hope you and Winston have a wonderful life.

There's a donkey sanctuary in Ontario for senior and rescued donkeys that have nowhere else to go. Can you just imagine a whole sanctuary full of noisy Jennies and Winstons??? I think I may have to take a vacation out that way one of these days. :)


well a sister of diane and a home full of animals makes you right part of our crippled crew club!

Darlene Farden-Zelenka

Carol I just want to let you know that you sound like a wonderful human that I would be proud to meet! I love animals too.........I believe that God created them too and they deserve our care and respect. I am owned by 6 dogs....... a chi, 2 poms and 3 mix babies. I have always had dogs and cats and have tried to give them the best home possible.

I think you should get your story have a flair for writing as well as a love for animals.

You have met my sister Diane, who went to see you to adopt Pippi, and didn't because of circumstance. She thinks the world of you and the work you do! You, your volunteers and your shelter made a lasting impression on her.

Hugs Darlene