Rescue Journal

so during my not so sleep filled night last eve....

Alison  ·  Mar. 6, 2007

all kinds of things were whirling around my i think truly julie is almost 15 and ogidie and bill are pushing close up to 17 yrs old! OMG!!! they all came in as young seniors...where did their youth go? oh yeah, it slipped past them here waiting for a home. ok so that sucks.

and i knew harrison was a jerk inside just waiting to pop out at some point. i have been looking at him for almost a year and thinking the calm dignified guy act is a great big lie. no one can hide their true selves forever...and neither could harrison and he almost had me fooled because he managed to hide that jerkiness for a real long time but in the end i was right. last night the bed crew shifted...sam and endora were asleep in the laundry basket. so julie and rainbow and harrison were all on me. and harrison is a really fast, heavy and solid big cat and julie especially is frail.

he whacked julie in the head then he took a swat at rainbow so i poked him with my finger and told him to be nice and he bit me and whacked at my hand, so i pushed him off my legs and told him to find somewhere to sleep that actually liked cats that were rude. and he attacked my legs under the covers and held on as tight as he could. so i flung up the quilt and tossed him off cuz my bed is not for violent morons. and as i finally started to fall into sleep, i felt that jerk plop back on top of my broken ankle. least he went quietly to sleep that time. harrison doesn't like being thwarted and he gets even.

i don't think i should have to deal with selfish cat attitudes in the middle of the night. maudie left and slept in the kitchen.