Rescue Journal

a rebel with a cause and some really good advisors

Alison  ·  Mar. 7, 2007

i am sitting here this morning chuckling to myself because finally after a lifetime, i have learned how to take one of my biggest weaknesses and switch it around into a real asset.

i am a rebel in some respects. while i follow a rigid unbending code of ethics and a value system that really makes my life pretty difficult, and i have the utmost respect for the laws of our land.....i absolutely hate being confined in a box. sooo....i usually renovate boxes to fit any lifestyle, choices, changes or needs. and i do it because i hate to be confined. i also hate to waste box reno money and effort twice or three times or four..

a few days ago, i wrote here in black and white that we did not have a choice in building ellie a house. and the road to her site has now been built, the fencing materials will be delivered today, and the shed will be delivered on thursday. and will ellie ever live in that area and call it her home? hmmm, maybe or maybe not.

this morning we have more choices now that the donkeys are going. maybe ellie doesn't want to live outside the barn. maybe she likes being near to the llama and sheep, and the horses and even grumpy tunie-fish. but we need the hay out of the garage area soon because the reno's to the multi-purpose area are eventually coming. plus hauling hay around the property bale by bale is a royal pain and a waste of our energy and time.

but elli's new house will make a fine hay shed and it is really close to the barn. the fenced yard that encloses it can still be used to confine her during the day when we can't keep an eye on our roving destructive 700 pound pig. the road that we built will still be needed to haul in the shed and the hay. and maybe if ellie wants to stay in the barn she can now because we can open both her and the sheeps area, back into one decent sized home where she will fit quite nicely even in a year or two.

..soooo who knows what is going to end up here. i just love being able to safely change my mind. the money has been spent but with janice's and gregs help, the actual cost is as low as we could possibly plan and when finished it meets a little baby pigs grown up needs, or can fulfill a hay sheds purpose, or house a herd of busy goats, or a workshop area....or who knows, since it has electrical, maybe i will just turn it into my cat-free bedroom and sleep far away from harrison who tormented me again last night.

the beauty of being a rebel with a cause (or ten or eighty) and limited resources and space is you better be good at flexible bending and seeing one thing able to to be ten other things too. in animal rescue, never build one thing that can't be many something elses in the blink of an eye.

i am just so proud of myself today for not nailing us into an inescapable no choice-here box! thx greg and janice...without you and left to myself, that pig would be living in a pig house even if it was a really nice pig house.

this rebel with alot of cause, blinks alot!