Rescue Journal

ok that was fun (sorry, i can't help being twisted)

Alison  ·  Mar. 12, 2007

but there is something so instinctually basic about crises and struggle....raging rivers, pig pens filling with water before we could even get to the next one, getting 22 freaked out pigs to fit in a small 3 bedroom house, fireman (and firewoman) doing their jobs which today happened to be saving pigs from drowning, watching how utterly connected and dedicated janice is with her pigs, seeing a dozen humans, some i knew and some i didn't, soaking wet, freezing in knee deep in mud and water, hour after hour, all working against the raging elements to get those pigs and horses to safety. it was one of those days that was filled with real meaning.

my favorite images are:

of jean slogging thru the flooded driveway, missing it COMPLETELY and stepping off into an unseen 4 foot ditch...she was literally up to her arm pits...i decided that following behind is a good thing cuz i found the driveway and missed the ditch.

of janice wedged into the doorway of a seven pig, pig house in the pouring rain in the pitch dark with a river flowing a half an inch from the opening to her beloved pigs, telling them to be brave and she was there with them while she shoved their reluctant butts out into the crates to be carried to safety.

and finally of a line of seven dry, and warm pigs (flower's herd) lined up touching, side by side in this really long row, sleeping quietly on quilts across the kitchen floor.

that was a day well spent, but omg, i am tired and sore.

janice will need alot of help over the next few days...the pig house's need to be dried out, new bales of straw and hay need hauling in and all the pig houses need to be re-stuffed with dry the actual flood clean up and repairs need to be tackled. anyone who has some time to spare this week, even just a good, hard work hour or two, please stop by and lend her a hand. she has got to be totally and completely exhausted already, she is going to need many friends to help her keep going til all is back to normal.

and i am now in love with teddy....what a lovely, sweet and gentle little guy.



And my favourite images:

Carol trucking down the flooded road on her crutches, trying not to be swept of her foot by the torrents of water cascading across the road, suddenly saying something not printable here as she abandons the crutches and sticks her injured foot (you know - the one WITH the cast) right down into the water to walk like a "normal" human being!

Rose, the 450 pound version of our Ellie, following Janice nicely from her pen outside into the living room of the house.

Four little piggies lined up side by side, standing up, in front of the door in the front entrance of Janice's home, being ever so quiet and ever so good while all the commotion was going on around them.

Carol, Nancy and I, dressed in Janice's rather-too-small-for-us but dry sweats, sitting in the living room drinking tea and laughing, while Rose sleeps soundly on a nice comfy mattress on the floor by the couch.

It was truly a collage of the sights and sounds of people pulling together in the darkening night to move so many animals to safety as the water poured - really poured - down and around everywhere. The river was racing right through the property - only the roofs of the pigs' homes were visible when we left.

Janice, I hope many hands can make light work of all that you have to do to restore order to your property, and this nightmare you lived last night becomes just a fuzzy memory. ((hugs)))