Rescue Journal

Dear Jack

Alison  ·  Mar. 13, 2007

i am waiting for you to finally lay down so i can wrap you up warm in a fleece, but you want to wander and circle around. you have had a pee and a poop and a drink and a snack and a cuddle...come on babe what more do you need?... just go back to feeling sleepy and lay yourself down cuz i really want to go to bed and i can't til i wrap you in your freaking warm fleece.... save me from cheerful, demented little frail dogs who think night time is day time and who think aimlessly wandering around in the dark is is not. you will be cold when you finally decide to go to sleep if i don't wrap you up in a fleece. you won't like that jack, trust me, i have seen you shiver in your sleep. it sucks and so does sitting in my wheelchair waiting to go to bed because apparently at this particular moment you are busy, not really doing anything except not sleeping....and quit looking thru the door into the kitchen, you are blind and no one with access to the fridge is in there so you really are not missing out, no one will be midnight snacking without you. and if i actually change my mind i promise to wake you up and give you some if you just lay down now. that is like your 20th circle of the room so far jack, i bet it is no different than your first two or three. yes your bed is the same and it is empty, clean, soft and warm and it hasn't changed in the last 20 seconds since you just checked. i am still waiting and no the water bowl has not moved and it even still has the same water. yes that's the same wheel, and the same cast and the same slipper too and please don't stand behind my wheelchair where i cannot see you. oh my god, what are you eating? it better not be cat poop, i didn't see you wander over to the cat box. ok i think you have pretty much covered all possibilities now...could you please just toddle off to bed? oh sure, stop and eat some more cat food while you wander so aimlessly past. if i don't get to bed til midnight tonight, i am going to be tired and cranky tomorrow, not that you care cuz you're deaf. i wish i was mean and could just roll away and let you shiver in your sleep, but i can't so please just give me a break. your bed and your warm fleece are waiting and so is my bed and quilt too and if you didn't leak like a sieve at night when you are finally sound asleep, i would just take you with me so i could cover you up when you finally get bored and decide you might as well sleep.

i love you jack, but you are a pain in the ass at bedtime.




How is Jack this morning ?... I didn't realize she was wandering at night, when did this start ?

On another note, I called the palisaides hotel to arrange a time to go over... Darn, they have sent Hannah to the beauty spa , so she may not be back in time for me to make it over today. If not today then tomorrow.