Rescue Journal

An exercise in futility?

Jean  ·  Mar. 17, 2007

I've noticed for a long time that whenever I scoop up my own yard, my dogs immediately initiate it all over again. Like the chicken and egg argument, it's hard to figure out what comes first - the pooping or the scooping. It seems to be a vicious cycle.

And I've commented before on how Tunie, as we clean the stalls, will go around the barn and leave her little deposit in each one. Scooping and pooping.

Today as I scooped the pasture I observed the same behaviour. As fast as I was shoveling it up, the barnyard creatures were creating more. For someone like me, who's a bit of a perfectionist, this can be a BIG challenge - getting every last poop scooped before another hits the ground. Kinda like when my kid was little and as fast as I washed the dishes or wiped the sticky fingerprints, more appeared.

I can only begin to imagine what it is like to share one's home with multiple dogs and cats, many of whom are incontinent. Poop 'n scoop n' pee 'n mop ad infinitum. Gives a whole new meaning to the concept "Waste Management!"

And, just like life with a little kid, Ellie was being "helpful" by standing right over the manure rake just as I wanted to lift it, pushing against the full wheelbarrow until she tipped it over (twice!), chewing on the wheel barrow handles when I wanted to push it to the next spot, and (of course) trying to beat me through the gate whenever I wanted to empty the barrow on the manure pile. Life with a 150 pound toddler!

Now why was I tempted to call this post "The sh*tty side of life at SAINTS"? :)



My Rose thinks the wheel barrow is a big toy as well and between her and Dior both like to tip it over and watch the humans react.

Punch holes in a plastic milk jug and then toss some pellets in there , this will keep her busy for a little while!!

Can Percy be started on Calf Manna is so full of minerals and vitmins..everythign a young buck needs