Rescue Journal

breakfast at saints

Alison  ·  Mar. 17, 2007

i cooked fake soybean bacon and then made mcmuffins and hauled them all out to the barn where mo, nicole, jean and i ate them. good thing it was fake vegetarian bacon cuz i shared mine with ellie mae and she liked it as much as i did! cole and ellie got into a couple of arguments on who was allowed to beg from whom and ellie briefly thought the electrical box on the wall might be edible too til mo yelled at her and told her to leave it alone. mo had to stop eating to feed percy his bottle and almost drowned ellie by tossing her pear into a deep puddle which nicole was too afraid to pull it back out of...she thought ellie who was bobbing for pears might bite her. i said "she is not a dog!" and nicole said she was more afraid of taking food away from a pig than a dog....hmmm good point.

everyone got to feed percy a bottle today and that was pretty much everyone's favorite activity, including percy's! zoe brought timbits (but not enough according to jack) and cathy brought them all peak freen cookies. lola and pause has cream and roasted chicken thx to jean and i am going out for dinner again tonight....good food day at saints, mmmmmmm!