Rescue Journal

and so it begins

Alison  ·  Mar. 19, 2007

first a door is removed, then a wall, next the gyproc, the tiles and the window....i currently have an unfinished alcove in my hall. too bad i need it to be a bathroom cuz gee, all open like that it makes so much space. and boy was that bathroom rotten...the studs, the is just thick with black mold. no wonder i put a hole in the tiled wall just leaning while i cleaned. tomorrow the plumbers come and there goes our water for the day. i will have to get up really early to fill all the buckets in the house and barn to last the day. and no laundry tomorrow either...hmmm that is going to suck (and smell).

tang took all of 5 seconds tonight to find a way to slip under the tub, he zipped down the open studs and then he was gone. i called down those studs on and off for two hours before i finally decided he could just stay there. i figured the plumbers would drag him out when they took out the old tub in the morning...gawd only knows who else is under there by now anyway. but, a few minutes later he popped out of the kitchen cupboard, i guess he thought it was funny knowing i was frantically calling down a moldy wall.

i thought we just had to deal with chaos til the end of this week but i must have heard wrong cuz the contractor told me to have the light fixtures and medicine cabinet here by sometime mid next week...i don't think a 5 ft square bathroom should take 2 weeks to complete...but what do i know except nursing and leaky animals, construction is not my forte.

so i called my surgeon's receptionist to find out where i get a new air boot since i broke mine, the air pockets will no longer blow up. she called me back and had ratted me out. i was reminded that i was not to be weight bearing and i was to see my doc this thursday at the cast clinic which is a week earlier then my next appointment. why do i think i might be in big trouble?

any ideas on how one hides the worn treads on a non weight bearing air boot?

it looks like a stressful week here between contractors, plumbers, sneaky cats and surgeons. someone should bring me a big bottle of baileys so i can drown my sorrows in hot chocoate.



speaking of reno's...i LOVE the new barn gate, one of the best things we have done here. after our walk tonight, all the dogs were able to hang in and out of the barn while i did the feeding..jazz particularly enjoyed herself...she loves barns!

Chris T

You can come and sleep at our house...and why can't you have a pocket door??


i like how you ignored the crutches comment.
how is miss lola doing today? and pause?
any better? or worse?


now the entire floor and back wall are gone too...the whole thing was just rotten...sigh, there goes the pocket door...i really wanted that! oh well can't have it for various reasons which i don't really understand except i can't. and now the real toilet for 24 hours, too much damage to rebuild by the end of the day. ok, that really sucks.


I'm sorry Carol, but despite the stress this must be causing, there is something very comical about the images it produces - LOL!

sigh. poor you. poor animals.
Could the big dogs be shut in the downstairs room/outside area, and the cats and little dogs be shut in the upper big dog room???


i will not shoot myself...i will not shoot myself...

idiot panda fell (jumped?) down the studs behind the vanity...i couldn't get him out nicely so i just pulled him out by his tail.

plumbers start at 8 am. there is am open hole to the back yard thru which i might lose one of the cats. the trap door to the crawl space must remain open for quick access to the water valves....i might lose some cats down there too. all the crap from the crawl space closet is now in the cat room.

and i am NOT taking my eyes off of lola in case she decides she wants quiet, dark and cool.(i am not giving her that!)

and my mop is holding up that trap door and i need it to wash the floor.

i just pulled frodo out of the plumbers big truck cuz i don't need to lose him with his bad habit of stowing away. i shut him back in the rabbit room but wanna bet someone lets him out again?