Rescue Journal

Honey does the stairs

Nicole  ·  Mar. 20, 2007

so today I carried Honey up the stairs and out the front door so she could get some sun in the front yard and I thought well instead of carrying her back inside and down the stairs, I'll see if she knows what to do with them. There are 3 steps up to the house and then 8 steps down to the basement. To my pleasant surprise, she had no problems climbing them and actually didn't show too much hesitation towards going down them (I was in front of her holding her collar, incase she shot down them). She did have a little trouble, b/c they are slippery laminate, but for her this was amazing or I guess I should say I was amazed by her, b/c I can tell you if I was blind a) I wouldn't trust me to guide me anywhere and b) I probably wouldn't be able to walk down stairs (atleast the way dogs have to) I'd be sitting on my butt sliding down step-by-step.



mo, i could take a picture of her at the top of the stairs but not on them as i needed to be infront of her the whole time as she would have picked up too much speed.


What no pictures ???? .. I'm sorry Nicole, but from now on, all great things must be captured on film ... cuz you are very good at it.

way to go Honey, what a difference from the poor dog that found it's way to SAINTS & thank dog to Nicole !!!!


honey is only doing the stairs because honey has decided it is to her advantage to do the stairs...i bet she smells spring and is anticipating lots more time to hang around outside in the nicer weather and wants to be ready, set and go!


Way to go Honey!!!
Nicole, given that Honey is no lightweight, I'll bet you are VERY excited that she is learning to do the stairs herself!
And it speaks volumes about her trust in you. :)