Rescue Journal

Martin makes a statement?

Jean  ·  Mar. 20, 2007

Hi. I'm Martin the alpaca that lives at the gray-haired lady's place near SAINTS. I have lived here since I was a cria (that's a baby alpaca), probably about five or six years. The people that first brought me here abandoned me and I've lived under a tree ever since. Sometimes the various people who rented the house gave me some hay and sometimes they didn't. At some point, some one stuck a Canadian flag on the trail near my tree, marking my home for all to see. I've never touched it. Until last night.

Last summer, the nice woman moved into the house. She arranged for me to become a SAINT so I would never be abandoned again. Ever since then, I've had lots of yummy grain and local hay and fresh water, and sometimes I will go into the barn when it is cold or raining. The nice woman leaves the barn door open, though, so I can leave at any time cuz I don't like being closed in. But it is a good life.

Then last night, she came out to have a chat with me. She told me that she has been talking with some people who would like to offer me a forever home. She says that since she only rents this property she can't guarantee that she will always be here, and since the SAINTS barnyard is full it is important to think about forever arrangements for me. She says I would have be nootered (whatever that is) and then go for a long ride in a truck, but I would get to live with other alpacas and I would be loved and well taken care of. But she also said she would be very sad to see me go cuz she's grown fond of me and I make her laugh. And she could be living here for years still.

I let her know I had heard her, cuz this morning when she took her dog for a walk in my pasture she discovered that I had removed my flag, torn it into shreds, and dumped it on the other side of the field. I watched her pick up the pieces of the flag and stand quietly looking back at me. She's not sure whether I'm saying I'm ready to go or whether I'm upset. And I'm not telling.

In fact, I have to think about this for a while. And so does she.



I actully did see it as a sign from him , how else can he tell you stuff if we can 'hear' them?

Maybe you have jsut never crossed that line with him becuse you have kept yourslef guarded from the start . Knowing that one day you might have to move.

Rational thought brought Keiko back into the Atlantic, spending billions of dollars on his release back to the wild. Three seperate animal communicators spoke with that whale while up in his freedom pool.. that whale wanted to come home. he wanted to be with his people. He had a job to do and did not belong with the others . That whale got sick and died up there..


I was being funny about the flag - I didn't seriously see it as a sign from Martin! :) LOL (though I'm pretty sure he was the one who tore it up as the bears haven't been around for months and he is busy shredding sticks and bark and green twigs and bushes right now).

However, I do believe that figuring out what is best for the animals means listening to them and observing them and thinking about them. Seems to me I learned that from a very wise woman!

No matter what the heart tells me, finding affordable accommodation with an alpaca is a whole different proposition than finding affordable accommodation with a dog and a cat.

So for now I am going to sit on it and not act with haste. I will arrange for his neuter to take place some time in the next month or so. And perhaps by then I will know if I am in a position to make that lifetime commitment to him. Although, looking at the pictures Victoria just sent me, I just may move up there with Martin!! Do ya think I could pass myself off as an alpaca? LOL


ah but is not about whether martin is friendly or likes you or not, it is about what is the best thing for martin. martin doesn't have a herd or a permanent home yet, he needs both.

if martin is your alpaca in your heart, then you will find a new appropriate home that includes him just like you will for charley and allie when the time comes.
but to keep him and then send him here to saints if the stars don't align? it would be better for him to find him an appropriate home.
this would be your call on which possibility is most likely to occur for martin.

don't torture yourself second guessing martin and the torn up could have easily been one of the bears.. that just muddies up the decision making process...he knows nothing except that empty field behind your house and the long line of tenents who move in and out...but since you love him and care for him now then you are responsible to make the right decisions for him to ensure his happiness.
i always think decisions are best made with a clear view.


How true, Carol - it does sound like a great place for Martin, and eventually I will have to move from this rental property unless I win the lottery and persuade the landlord to sell it to me. And whether I will be able to afford somewhere with land to support an alpaca (and a friend or two for him) is the big unknown, as is whether I will have to move this year or next or not for ten years. Oh for a crystal ball!

Of course, Martin isn't making this an easy decision. I just took a walk with Charley in the pasture where Martin is lying on the trail in the sunshine. For the first time EVER, he didn't even get up as I approached, and he let me come right up to him, kneel beside him, and stroke his side! This, all while Charley was running around offleash and I was clicking away with the camera - I have some awesome photos!

Darn you Martin, couldn't you be a miserable, unfriendly beasty so I could ship you off and be done with it????? What are you trying to tell me, buddy?


at some point you are going to move. and martin is going to have to move too. so i guess the real question is will he most likely be moving with you or should a permanent home be found, this does sound like a very great home. saints will always be his back up but space is always an issue here no matter what kind of animal we manage to squeeze in and if martin has a permanent home with either you or with victoria, he is one less animal that we have to worry about....sigh that is a good thing.