Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Mar. 20, 2007

lola: she is no longer drinking cream...just a little bit of water here and there. she is currently sacked out in the kitchen on a giant pillow bed with michael, she is getting close.

pause: his face is still asymetrical and he still is a bit unbalanced and tonight it sounds like he is beginning a cold. i will start him on antibiotics tomorrow,

harrrison: also is starting another cold, he is a chronic URI carrier so this will just be another round of the usual for him.

all of the sick room and bedroom confined cats were hugely stressed with all the demolition going on on the other side of the walls today.

wesley rockstar: might have something weird going on...i am not sure. three times now he has fallen...the first one he was jostled by the dogs in the gate rush so i wasn't too concerned. the second time was last evening when i had him out in the front yard alone with he was turning, his front right leg buckled under and he went down...that was strange and i wish i had been watching closer. tonight while we were out on the evening run, i glanced over my shoulder and saw him rolling to his feet under a bush...had he fallen or was he rolling?...i am not sure, anyway can everyone really keep an eye on him for the next bit...we need to determine if he is just a klutz or is there something else going on. other than this, he actually appears quite well and happy.

micheal is leaking urine where he lays again. i have re-started his antibiotics.

bill is having increasing difficulty getting up but once he is up, he still wants to go out for his field runs.

buddy and sissy need a bath again if anyone has time. and so do bill and jazz if we can figure out how to do them...maybe once the bathroom is done we can squeeze them in there.

ellie mae had another massive temper tantrum at dinner time but other than that she is really a good little pig. she is being a very good friend to percy.

percy is fully integrated with the rest of the herd now. he spent the afternoon hanging out with the rest of his new family. gosh spritely and gideon are gentle and full of concern for him. he truly is one of the sweetest and most spiritually soft creatures i have ever met. what a little doll. he has learned to come to the gate and call for "maaaa-maaaaa" when he wants his little guy!



there are wasrm doggie baths (do it yourself) at some of the pet stores and don't cost a lot esp. considering the clean up after baths. in MR one at 203 (westgate) and langley has one at the supersve gas station.
thinking of you lola,and you carol!
there is rhubarb just starting to come up in the big doggie area in the very back to the left side. looked untouched last time i was there. could rockstar have gotten into that? it needs to come out. iwill do nest visit unless someone beats me to it. be well rockstar (much better than just rocky)


sadly, no nice bathroom for looks like some one set off a hand granade in there. no water here on thursday either, the plumbers will be back hopefully and setting friday is probably better for sink baths.


carol, i may come out thursday or friday and can bath sissy and buddy in the sink, but i'm guessing the bathtub won't be ready for bill or jazz for a bit.

could wesley be like ozzie? she would occasionally trip up on her front when it was her back end that was the worst.


you should have seen dex the last couple of days mo...he is freaking insane...grabbing his coat and tossing it around, expectantly and obsessively tossing a wrecked little ball at me tonight down at the pond, and yesterday, colleen said he took on tyra over a stick (he got rolled but at least the heart was willing!)...bill and dex, the energiser bunnies that never quit!


Yea Percy !!! Can'y wait to see him again. Cole could use a bath too, if it's half way decent on Sat, perhaps I can do him in the pool outside , with warm water ??

It's sad that many of the SAINTS are perhaps nearing the end, Bill was having such fun on the week-end, but I could see that he was a bit slower & weaker , however that smile & the light in his eyes tells you he is part lab & still grooving.