Rescue Journal

sunday with the hungry saints

Alison  ·  Mar. 24, 2007

i have to stop myself from checking on lola, she is gone. i will hang her windchime tomorrow.

mo told me that petunia wants ellie's room...she must have misunderstood cuz when i put them to bed tonight...tunie was already fully moved in there and sound asleep on her new couch. she even kindly packed up ellie's toys and carried them over to ellie's new room. ellie said the move was fine with her because she would like to live in the barn kitchen but sadly i had to disappoint both of them and return them to their proper rooms, ellie is NOT living in the feed they think i am insane????

jack has decided she is starving and requires feeding thru out the entire day...she is peering upwards intently from every leg she encounters.

nicole is also apparently starving, she is stopping by to drop off some stuff for mo so i said i would mike her a fettucini so she doesn't pass out on the long drive home.

five pound molly is stuck on one of the four inch high beds, she is yelling at me to save her, i think she should just hop down on her own.

and sadly the washer is not repaired yet, it is still erroring out several times each cycle...i think my frustration is going to come across when i phone the service shop again on monday. i am soooo happy i bought top of the line bosch...grrrhhhh.

i have been invited out for lunch tomorrow and i am hungry already just thinking about it too!



I agree with Chris .. you wnat a new one.

And does Petunia want to sleep with Tornado Ellie?

Chris T

You know at this point I think you should demand that they replace the machines. You don't have time for this aggravation and you need the machines to work. One should only have to be subjected to so many service calls!!!


i got two very big , expensive lemons...this will be at least the 6th service call in one year, they have replaced the washer door seal twice, both the entire control panel and the water pump in the washer and the entire door console on the dryer...i really hate these machines. i just want to do the laundry,uninterrupted. it sucks.


Carol - We love our Bosch wash and dryer. It washes better then any machine I have had before. We also easily due 2 to 3 loads a day. We have had it for four years and it needed a repair for the first time this year. There was something wrong with a computer chip and they replaced it for free. I think you got a lemon.


I doubt Molly even weighs 5 pounds.. Holy Cow what a cutie .. with a quick snap that could take a finger off... if she had another 60 pounds to her.