Rescue Journal

the unsinkable molly brown

Alison  ·  Mar. 24, 2007

"getting to know you, getting to know all about you...."

we bonded pretty deeply in the wee hours of the night. she has decided that she likes me and would prefer that i stay right with her instead of toddering off to do whatever it is that i do. she is a sick little dog tho. there is alot of frank blood in her very loose feces, she has a slight parkinson-like head wobble and when she walks she curves to the right side. if you lift her up to the couch when she asks you it has to be with extreme care, because she gets nervous and excited and then she really pulls around to that side quite alot. she fell asleep last night with her head on my knees and she likes her wee ears to be stroked and be careful with oreo cookies because she will take off fingers to get her share quick!

the cat room has that faintly sick bloody fecal smell this morning so reminiscent of when jesse passed away, little molly is probably full of cancer just like jess was....hmmm, we'll wait til she settles in a bit more and then whip her down to the vet. whatever is wrong with her, it sure isn't new and a couple of days to find out just won't matter. i will start her on flagyl tho just in case it is a nasty bowel infection or a bowel reaction to the antibiotics she was on at the pound. that will cover the obvious simple maybe until the vet can check her out next week for something more.