Rescue Journal

battening down the hatches

Alison  ·  Mar. 26, 2007

life is full of challenges to be worked thru. phoebe arrives home tomorrow, i suspect life will get a heck of alot more challenging beginning tommorrow afternoon. part of me shrinks at the thought of the chaos that accompanies her where ever she goes and part of me is so excited to see her face intently examining me while she ponders my very next move. phoebe is one of the few dogs who continuously leaves me choking in her dust. even copper only catches me a few times a year now but phebes leaves me gasping several times a day. my fourth favorite saying is...when the going gets tough, the tough get going...sigh, i guess i will get going this tuesday.

still no bathroom reno guys this morning, hmmmm...i wonder if they are actually coming back. i must not actually care all that much today because i really don't feel like finding their phone number to find out. i suppose they will show up eventually and we are making out just fine until they do, plus i get to stay out of debt a few days longer cuz they haven't asked for any money yet either. ha ha, there is always a silver lining to every cloud, even halfway reno'd bathrooms!

i will have to deal with the washer machine issue today tho, it is still acting wierd and once again leaking all over the floor. i will call them as soon as the shop opens up and try to make them pay attention this time and really feel our pain!

we have all decided that little miss molly brown is in fact a PB long haired chihauhua, which explains her itsy bitsy teenie weenie self that is much smaller than most of our bunnies! she is off to the vet today and i bet she hates that but i also bet she likes the trip to macdonalds when we are done. that little thing likes junk food!

today is my day to do vet runs and some basic putting crap away (like my laundry) and getting set up and ready for the red whirling wonder. i think the dogs and i will spend some extra time out in the fields, enjoying the peace of gentle wanderings for the very last time. (phoebe likes our field runs to be REALLY exciting!) thank you whoever for the beautiful day!



sam and endora have taken over the world...first ashcroft and now mission!
they are GREAT, GREAT cats gail and they are vastly interested in the bathroom progress...they co-inspect with me several times a day. sam slipped down the wall to check under the new tub (or to see what mango was doing) he came right out when i called.
he is more cooperative than mango, (mango slipped down into the crawl space and came up in the cat room closet.)

Gail Glover

Carol: From Gail Glover. I haven't figured out how to just put a comment on the blog, as this isn't really related to your story about phoebe. I just wanted to let you know that I have just spent another day at my Mom's house cleaning out drawers, etc. and I found a calendar from 1992, where she had written in the first week of July that Sam & Endora had "arrived" to live with her. So that makes them 15 this year. Just for your info. Take care - I hope the bathroom renos don't take as long as the ankle does! Sorry, I'm not trying to "rub anything in".


they actually showed up today and the dry wall is now up and the door framing in.

i don't know if nicole got pics or not. but molly just came from the vet...big mouth infection, big bowel infection, and probable big bladder infection she is on 2 different antibiotics, had a blood panel done and if all comes back reasonably well we will do a major abcessed teeth extraction in a couple of weeks.
murphy 3 and trev were in at the same time for re-checks...hey! i felt like i was at saints!

ohh and the vet said molly is a tiny pom, not a chi. she weighs 4.4 pounds!


Did Nicole take any pics of little Miss Molly Brown ? Please post... I'm having withdrawals.. that is one cute little dog.. Look out Jack , there's a new girl in town : - )

Chris T

Carol - last week you told me that the reno guys would not be able to come back until Wednesday. So I would not get that excited. It was something about 'if the plumbers couldn't fit the fixtures by...blah, blah, blah, we won't be able to come back until Wednesday.

When and how is Phoebe coming in?