Rescue Journal

i kissed jazz in the field which was nice except after i kissed her lovely rotti lips, i realized her mouth smelled like manure, nice goin' jazz.

Alison  ·  Mar. 26, 2007

so i am achy and sore today...not from my ankle, just from simple aging and from walking with a freaking hard plastic boot on one foot so i have to limp everywhere. and i took some pain meds so i could actually move without the groaning side effects. and while i am waiting for them to work their magic, i start watching "the patriot" which i have seen before but i like it....right at my favorite bloody/gory part where father kills everyone who murdered his son and stole his other boy, the phone rings. ratz...i missed it. plus the pain meds have worked and i have to go feed the barn. but that is ok because it is starting again in 20 minutes so i figure i can whip everyone into the barn, feed and medicate and take the dogs for a quick run and still get back into the house before that scene in the movie runs again.... except for dexter.

dexter wrecked the whole plan...he stood in front of me and said "throw the stick, throw the stick, throw the stick" and when i said we gotta go, he said...' come on, the clock is ticking, you are wasting my life here, throw the stick, throw the stick...." i threw the freaking stick, over and over and i missed my favorite bloody/gory part again. dexter i i will try not to waste the minutes of your life, but geez, i just wanted to see one stupid scene.



Hopefully one of these photos of Dex and his all important stick throwing session will come through!

*throw the stick* wheeze,grunt *throw the stick* wheeze grunt. The boy winds up on walks!

If a photo does not appear....Nicole, how would I add a photo?

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