Rescue Journal

let sleeping dogs lie (and don't piss off the cats)

Alison  ·  Mar. 28, 2007

cuddles is a stupid name and completely inaccurate too. every time i go to touch him he slinks out from under my hand and i swear he says..."yuuuuuck!"helloooo cuddles, i happen to be nice and i do not have cooties!

molly's name oughtt to be "tiger lily" cuz she is pretty darn brave. she throws an absolute four pound hissy fit if the cats or the other dogs even look to be thinking of jumping up near her on her couch. that couch used to hold 2 big dogs, me, a couple of cats and sometimes a chi or two. now it is just me and the little hairy, leaky shark attack, no one else even wants to try. she makes me laugh. she is currently curled up on the couch by herself with my favorite xmas gift fleece from my daughter and 2 of my softest pillows. it is a tough life for a tiny, furry, homeless shark who happens to have rotten teeth.

phoebe woke up once and peeked at me thru the cat room door, she looked upset, i think she was cold. i gave her a bigger quilt and she went back to bed. someone has got to run that dog to the ground every single night....she is so tired and it is so quiet, i keep forgetting she is even here.

i forgot to tell you that frodo attacked milo yesterday in the rabbit room when he and johanna came to get pippa. milo being an ex-but still fiesty saint went right back at him without a second thought (he is a JRT aka...jerky raging terrier who had moments earlier been trying to do our sweet ellie in). once we got frodo off of poor outmatched little milo, i noted a little blood smeared on my hand...i checked frodo over and he was just fine, but milo was missing a small chunk of skin on his back. holy smoke frodo is a vicious fighter, no wonder that cat has lived for so long. at sixteen, he can still kick an enraged dogs butt!

michael and dexter shared my dinner tonight cuz dex was cold and michael is plain wrecked. then i gave them each 2 human cookies that i thought were too old for me to eat (they were at least 10 days old)...anyway, both of them looked pretty pleased with themselves at cadging a special dinner. except now they both are following me around like i might be a night long buffet.

tyra smells like a combination of wet dog and manure...she had fun tonight but gosh she reaks and i think her feelings might be hurt because i keep encouraging her to sleep across the room from me. sorry babe, but the odor is pretty strong and in this case distance truly does make the heart grow fonder..



no need to apologise milo, i know you were just enthusiastically defending yourself. frodo attacked you first. (and i don't think you really want to apologise anyway, i bet your mom is making you, wink)

he doesn't have to stay in the car when you guys visit johanna (not that he would anyway cuz i distinctly rememeber milo letting himself out of the car while you and i were in the bunny room!) his only issue really besides reacting to attack cats is farm animals (which i think is pretty funny to see a 15 pound dog trying to take on a 200 pound pig who really didn't care all that much anyway)...milo reminded me of potato ed...gosh those JRT's are brave (and not very bright when picking their scrapping partners!)...ed used to try to attack the donkeys, and he was blind...i kinda miss potato ed, and i remember how scared milo used to be, i am glad he isn't scared anymore...those dogs are supposed to be foolishly brave.

now pippa however is an absolute joy who would never be so rude as to attack a pink pig, sigh, but then, she is not burdened with JRT genes either, her genes were bred for princess-ly politeness.

Johanna Hickey

Milo would like to apologize for his dreadful behaviour when we were at Saints on Tuesday. He really can be the dog from hell!!! Poor Frodo !! I'm not even sure if he started it. It could have been Milo. You know I've had Milo for four years (you brought him in April 2003.) Ninely percent of the time, he is a wonderful dog. Get him to Saints and all hell breaks loose. From now on when we visit, he stays in the car whether he likes it or not.

Then there is dear little Pippa. Thank you so much Carol for taking such good care of her. She slept all the way home in the car and then demanded dinner as soon as we arrived. She's doing really well. We've been to see Eileen twice and as always it's been wonderful. She loves her little dog!!!

Saints looks great, Carol. There are so many improvements since I was there last summer. The rabbit room is wonderful as is the new barn.

I hope that your ankle continues to improve and I hope that you bathroom gets finished SOON !!

I've fallen in love wht little Molly...if only I could have more dogs

All the best and thank you again for looking after Pippa.