Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Mar. 28, 2007

well...the flooring guys lied yet again, sigh, they didn't show.

the back yard is partially cleared of demo crap.

the washer guy came, the brand new pump is leaking, he is discussing with bosch a possible machine replacement.

and the hot water tank fell apart today too....

sighing deeply, i am cursed.

but phoebe is sleeping, she is VERY, VERY tired from her run late this afternoon. molly has accidently bitten me twice in her nacho chip frenzy..gosh she is a cute little shark! ellie mae laid down on the hill and waited patiently for her belly rub. she lay there with eyes closed in contentment while percy cavorted around her. i told mo the other day that these two little links in the human food chain have brought really special magical moments to all of us at saints. and thank gawd i broke my ankle cuz someone sent greg here to us too and he is replacing the hot water tank so once the washer is fixed and the bathroom is done, i can actually have a hot bath and clean towels!

so i might be cursed with annoying, irritating things that in the big scheme of things hardly matters, but gosh i am blessed with some incredible gifts. it was a good day at saints today, it just took me awhile to see it.