Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Mar. 28, 2007

trev's repeat bloodwork is much improved. his demodex is almost gone...another month maybe of treatment. he is doing really well with heidi and both of them are very happy with each other.

molly's bloodwork showed very elevated white blood cell count (infection), profound anemia (infection, flea infestation and starvation? maybe not something bigger and scarier) and severe kidney disease. we will repeat it again in a couple of weeks before deciding about her dental surgery. molly is cute as a button but her previous strokes have definately caused some brain damage. she pees where ever she happens to be, including if she happens to be sitting or sleeping on me. this may improve with the antibiotics if she does have a bladder infection. but given her absolute innocent and cheerful cluelessness, i think it is more related to damage to the brain during her strokes.

i have phoned the floor guys and laid down the law, they said they would be here to fix it today...we shall see.

i have phoned the appliance center and left them a pretty clear message as well...and we shall see about that too.

i am still waiting for my contractor to show up so we can have a discussion about my responsibility and his and see where we get to with that.

i really hate it when i get pushed into pissy, i don't like how i feel when i become the brick wall...oh well, enough is enough and it has been enough for a really long time, we need solutions today, it is too hard to do our jobs when they don't do theirs.