Rescue Journal

thursday evening

Alison  ·  Mar. 29, 2007

well, well, well.....the washer appears ro be fixed...2 loads thru, no errors, no water on the floor...can it possibly be true?????

the bathroom is almost done, just the trim, the tub surround and the sink/taps/hookups to go...MAYBE a hot soaker bath tomorrow night?????

greg got the hot water tank installed...apparently that sucker was ready to blow any minute, greg said it would have drained my well and burnt out the pump if i wasn't home. thank god for small favors and a kind hearted man who can do plumbing.

bill's bad foot was really hurting him tonight. i watched him try to pick his way and avoid the gravel and stick to the soft grass as much as possible. he has a very old, old fracture in that foot from years before he even came to us. it is quite arthritic now and sometimes causes him a fair amount of discomfort.

tunie fish refused to leave the barn today. she said she was having a bed day, hey! i want one of those!!

the first mosquitoes are out...i truly dislike those blood sucking little buggers, they torment me!

phoebe has gone to bed early again, she is out of shape i guess and is no longer used to the high level of spastic activity she engages in here. ahhh well, quiet evenings are good and i am sure it won't take her long to get back up to speed.

ooops, gotta go...the third load of laundry is beeping and done, only a dozen more to go to catch up ready for tomorrow. we shall see if that machine can keep up the pace tonight.