Rescue Journal

my favorite word

Alison  ·  Mar. 30, 2007

well i gave out last night before the washer did...i managed laundry til 2 am then finally gave up for the night. the washer was still raring to go. i am having a hard time believing it is actually completely and totally working in every way.

greg checked the bathroom and the hot water tank this leaks.

gosh if the bathroom guys actually finish up today and those flooring guys miraculously appear we might actually finish the week in a world that remembers the meaning of the word "honor"

"honor" is my favorite word of all. it is a word that binds humans to living a life of personal responsibility and personal accountability. it is the one word in the whole human language that stands firm against lying and cheating and stealing and blaming and envy. it is a word that protects the innocent and fosters compassion and respect. it is not a word for the lazy and the weak hearted, it is a word that demands action to right a wrong.

and it is the only word that makes us do our jobs well and the way we said we would do them.

i like that word alot.