Rescue Journal

good morning

Alison  ·  Mar. 31, 2007

mosie had a decent first night. initially she was quite stressed, she hasn't been an inside dog since she was very young, lot's of drooling and panting. but the thing about really social dogs who have been socially isolated for a long time is...they are so happy for company and kind attention that they soon start to enjoy their change of circumstance and she sure enjoys someone down on the floor with her goofing around with her face...sigh. i didn't realize that getting down on the floor and back up again would be so hard with a not so perfect i will make nicole get down there with her, she is not so old and wrecked as me!

all of the other animals like mosie because she is such a very nice dog. apparently the only real friends she has had for many years were the 2 outside cats who liked to sleep with her at night. mango is going to be so happy with a new doggy friend, he misses norton! i hope the weather brightens up, it is going to be a busy day around here today. my job is to break down my bedroom and really give it a good clean because a dozen cats have been shut in there during the workman's day for a couple of weeks and it needs a really good and thorough cleaning.

the bathroom is 90% complete and i had my first hot bath last night...i cannot describe the utter joy of a bath in a clean and non moldy, hole-less room that actually looks like a really nice (but very small) bathroom in a real home. the only thing i really don't like is the bathroom door opening out into the hallway...that bugs me as much as the door when it used to hit the toilet...i am thinking that door has to go. since a pocket door got shut down because of some stupid beam thing, i am thinking an accordian or a bi-fold door would be better.

well. i guess i better get moving, it is time to start today.