Rescue Journal

i had the vet look at mosie when she was here.

Alison  ·  Apr. 1, 2007

i was pretty sure that her belly is really full of fliud and not fat. the vet agrees and her heart sounds good so it is probably not cardiac disease but most likely cancer that is causing the fluid to be trapped there. not going looking for what we can't fix but i will start her on some lasix and see if we can't move that fluid out. it will make her more comfortable and she will breathe better too and maybe she can have some really good times before she goes. mosie is a very good dog and she deserved a much better home than she came from. we will do our best to see that she feels comfortably loved and is happy for whatever time she decides she wants to spend here. here's loving you mosie, you are very easy to love.