Rescue Journal

phoebe momentarily lost her mind

Alison  ·  Apr. 1, 2007

she sleeps in the entrance way now, between 2 solid gates. we have reached a fair compromise, she can have a ton of quilts to bury herself in when she sleeps which is so very important to her preferred quality of life and i don't have to worry about her attacking the other animals when she is buried so deeply in her favorite but most sacred place. this is really important to MY quality of life. in the mornings i go in and stand between her and the door and let all the dogs outside to go pee. after a few minutes, she decides she has to pee too and comes out to join them and then the danger for everyone has passed. it works well, until today.

this morning when i went in and positioned myself between phoebe and the door, she lost her mind. she came flying out of there like some kind of freaking morey eel and headed straight for my leg, she stopped for a second to give me full warning so i had a chance to run out of there just like i was supposed to do, except i didn't. i looked down at her immovable as a giant brick wall, and snarled "don't even think about it and get back to your freaking bed NOW!" and she did.

really phebes, you might be able to chase your normal, average, nice person around in their own house but since i am none of the above, grab a freaking brain.