Rescue Journal

saints welcomes bonnie, bonnie thinks we suck.

Alison  ·  Apr. 5, 2007

poor thing, frodo the complete and utter jerk, jumped her in the driveway repeatedly while we tried to grab him. she was pouring blood from a facial wound where his claw nicked a blood vessel and she was totally traumatized. gosh that cat is a royal pain in the butt lately. what the heck does he care who lives in the house. he gets the entire rabbit room for goodness sakes! selfish, unwelcoming, little nasty toad.

bonnie however is lovely. she looks to be a corgi/daxi cross and is around 12 years old. her mom just recently died and her whole world is upside down. she is a bit jiggly, like jello, she is sweet and will be funny once she settles in. ellie wanted to play with her but after frodo, bonnie had enough of the ramble rousing saints so we kept ellie the gy-normous pig baby away from our newest and slightly nervous saint. bonnie likes the couch and was very sad to see her mom's family leave, she knows they are good people and she wanted to go with them but couldn't. i think once she figures out this new and very strange place, she will do absolutely fine here. she has the optimistic dog outlook on life.

anyway bonnie, i am sorry frodo was a jerk, and your mom had to leave you and you couldn't go live with your mom's family (landlords sometimes have crappy rules) and i am sorry you had to come to saints which right now you think sucks but in a week or so i bet you change your mind. i hope so, we have got good treats and i can see that you like those!



derek and sharla...bonnie has taken over the world. she has made her place here, she has staked her claim on me and she even has joined the big guys for the field runs....she does however suck with cats. she is going for the chase first before you are chased philosophy (thx to frodo, the little dog bashing beast)...we are working on this. one rotten encounter with a very scary cat, does not mean all cats are horrid monsters. other than that, she is grteat!


One more thing...thankss to my mother, Bonnie is a die hard Canuck fan.



As one half of Bonnies remaining family I just want to say that... Bonnie, if you're reading this or Carol is reading it to you... You have a new family now and we couldn't of picked a better one for you (Frodo not withstanding) How lucky can a dog that has been through so much the past month be? To have been an amazing companion for the better part of a decade to my mom who of course spoiled her rotten just like she did me when I lived at home. Then as a mainly housebound dog you graduate to the great outdoors, a farm-style home in a beautiful part of Mission. You are a lucky dog Bonnie. Thanks to my fiance Sharla who's amazing last second detective work turned up Carol and the SAINTS (sounds like the name of a good band?) And of course Carol, thanks for taking in my mothers much loved companion.



Tomorrow will be a better day Bonnie! And then the next day will be better! And then you will be happily walking ahead and sniffing the wonderful smells. See you tomorrow!

Frodo, you dick.