Rescue Journal

bonnie gets scared again (but sorry, it was really funny)

Alison  ·  Apr. 7, 2007

soooo...we are all out in the fields tonight and bonnie is having an absolute blast. she is trotting out ahead (then checking over her shoulder to make sure i am still there) and pretending she is just as big and experienced a farm dog as everyone else. until we headed home. she was up with the others and checking out the loafing shed when copper came around the corner wearing his styroform daisy (it stops him from escaping under or thru the fences yet gives him the freedom to run with the others)...well! bonnie took one look at him and hightailed it back across the field to hide behind my legs. in all her long life, i know for sure that dog has never, ever seen a walking, smiling daisy-beagle and it scared her!



That's so funny! I'm so glad Bonnie had fun today, I've been thinking about her and you guys non-stop since we dropped her off. I'm not even sure how to express how truly relieved and greatful I am that you took Bonnie in. She's such a good dog, and didn't deserve to have her life ended prematurely. If we didn't have cats, and if we had a yard, and owned a house, we for sure would have taken her!

SAINTS really touched me. I've been telling everyone about you guys and showing them your website. It's the most special place I've ever seen, on so many levels. I only wish we didn't live so far away, I'd love to visit regularly!

Bonnie you are a sweet soul, and should you not get adopted, you are still one of the very fortunate ones to have such a special place to live. Your positive spirit will get you through the loss of your mom and I hope you don't think that we didn't want you, or love you, when we had to leave you. You are a ray of sunshine, just like your mom was.


today she wasn't the least bit scared of him! i guess she is figuring it out that there are all kinds of weird looking dogs up here. she is right and she fits right in. (ssshhhh, she looks like uncle fester from the adams family)


Thank God the bells have been removed! Poor Bonnie might have had a stroke.