Rescue Journal

molly and chicklet, go to the vet.

Alison  ·  Apr. 10, 2007

and what an absolute production that was! i put them both in a large cocker spaniel size carrier and they fussed and carried on the whole 30 minute car ride. once we were at the clinic i with great difficulty carried the crate inside because it was awkward, the two little ones were in a frenzy and i was not wearing my cast. once i set them on the floor, they went ballistic and the crate literally started bouncing around on the floor. chicklet was yelling her face off and throwing herself at the crate door, and molly was flying around over top of her as frenzied as her little 5 pound friend. all in all, there was 9 pounds of dog having a fit in the waiting room of the clinic.

a gentleman came in with his beautifully quiet and calm spaniel. he looked at the crate and all the commotion going on in there and said..."so how many are there anyway, 8?"......."umm, no, 2"..."really? looks and sounds like alot more"...yep it did.

i will book molly's dental surgery for next week and chicklet can have her abcessed teeth removed after we clear up her skin a bit first. maybe someone else can take them to the vet next time.