Rescue Journal

here is what i learned this week

Alison  ·  Apr. 12, 2007

only math problems have one answer.

knowing it all means knowing even less of nothing.

time travels at different speeds always opposite of what you need.

if you choose to be different, don't expect anyone else to understand.

sick dogs like to swim and chase sticks.

sick cats like to sleep.

sick people like to feel the world surround them.

well dogs like to swim and chase sticks.

well cats like to sleep.

well people like to push the world away.

if you don't like getting dirty, stay out of the mud.

broken ankles eventually go away, fear of broken ankles doesn't.

pigs are much too intelligent to eat.

tomorrow is coming, today is here, yesterday has already slipped away, you can only truly concentrate on one at a time.

see goodness and light and darkness will disappear.

some things learned get forgotten and then need to be re-learned again.

grace in adversity is hard to achieve, good manners can help you find it.

i still miss my mom. (altho i am pretty sure she would be giving me heck for listening too well to some of the things she tried to teach me cuz she didn't mean for me to take it quite this far)



Sick dogs like to swim and chase sticks that weigh almost as much as they do, even if swimming and chasing is a trade-off for breathing. Sick dogs with young souls don't know they are sick, they just know that dying in the water or the lower pasture is better than living any other way.
I love Dexter. My dream for him is that he dies happy, but not anytime soon.