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Silent Auction tickets

Nicole  ·  Apr. 13, 2007

Tickets to the May 12th Silent Auction fundraiser are now on sale!
It will be a fun filled evening that will raise the much needed funds to care for the wonderful animals that find themselves at SAINTS. So invite your friends and come out and have a great evening that will also help out the wonderful SAINTS animals.

Tickets are $18 each and can be purchased at SAINTS
or by emailing
or by calling 604-862-9738

Volunteers have been getting some great items donated and there are more still coming in. I have now mastered and overcome my fear of 'cold-calling'. Check out the sneak peek list of some of the auction items.

Click here for more info on the auction

Go Canucks Go!



We'll buy tickets from you, Carol, but I'm working on the 12th, and won't be able to attend the event. :(
I want to donate some food for the event itself, and some other treats for the auction. Nicole, you have our number, right?

There, I'm not hijacking your thread. Go Red Wings go!!!!


i am so excited that tickets are now for sale to this wonderful event AND you can even buy them at the sanctuary if anyone wants to come and visit the crippled crew (but i have been given STRICT instructions and LECTURES on making sure i keep impeccible track of all ticket sales AND i am to write down ticket numbers and names AND i am NOT to hand out tickets without collecting the ticket price AND i am to put the stubbs and payment directly in an envelope AND i am not to lose it.) so many freaking rules they make me live by.
sooo...i would like to surprize them all and sell the very most tickets and do it absolutely right because none of them expect me to be any good at it (they think i am just good with the animals.) so everyone please buy your tickets from me. thank you.


hey now, no need for that! boo wings!
stop hijacking my post. you are supposed to be saying how excited you are that tickets are now on sale to this wonderful event!


It was also be very appreciated if anyone would like to volunteer to help out on the day of the event

Sheila - who is kind of lazy and doesn't want to do a lot of work so would really, really, really appreciate the help.