Rescue Journal

mosie passed at 3pm

Alison  ·  Apr. 14, 2007

on her bed in the middle of the kitchen floor. she had two stick throwing pond swims today, lot's of cuddles from mo and most of a pizza...i think she didn't want to go yet but i think she never would. mosie liked living at saints, and it was a good place for her to die. i do wish she could have had here longer and i am so grateful to whoever decides these things, that mosie got a chance to have some fun before her life was over.

if anyone who is reading this has a dog they ignore and don't take the time to have fun with. remember mosie and how at the end of her life, she finally had some time to really play. she liked that alot.



Rest in Peace sweet Mosie. You landed in Heaven when you came to saints(and a pond too!!!) It was the stepping stone onto the rest of your journey. You will be miss because you are loved!!!!! rae


You'll have a big dog bark in your next life, Mose, and you'll swim straight and true, not like a swamped canoe.
You had fun at SAINTS, although your time was short, but you also caused many smiles, and now, some tears.
Bye Mosie. You will not be forgotten.

Chris T

Rest peacefully Mosie. I hope that wherever you are there is an unending pile of sticks and a big pond. Oh, and lots of pizza and donuts.