Rescue Journal

Maybee is a tyrant.

 ·  Apr. 15, 2007

She's old, Carol said. She's little, Carol said.She's cute, Carol said. She's a little leaky, Carol said. She sleeps most of the time, Carol said.

Let's see...what did Carol not say?

She plays like a puppy. She barks more than Kiefer. She likes going walkabout and finding a warm ray of sunshine to toast in for hours. She prefers a collection of beds from which to choose. She is a raw meat junky. She can steal your heart in the blink of an eye, and she won't ever give it back.

So I come home tonight from a long (long, long) day at work, and Chris has made turkey soup for dinner (She loves me, I'm spoiled rotten, she likes to make me wonderful dinners on Sundays). I sit down with my lovely soup, and in trots Mabee (who is 15, partially deaf, partially blind, but with a nose like a bloodhound, that dog can smell meat from 500 yards). I start to eat. She starts to growl. I continue to eat, she starts to bark. I give her a piece of turkey, she stops barking long enough to swallow. I eat some more, she barks some more. Long story short, I ended up with turkeyless turkey soup, and she's on one of her umpteen beds in a turkey-induced coma.



lol...not base...but pretty darn basic for most unaltered things. i just thought saints went above and beyond the basics as ancients ought to have moved to a much more spiritual plane. i guess not, tho, nature is nature and maudie is nature at her finest.(for a couple of more days at least)


i don't think you can blame the our saints girls victims when they are running across the street and offering free home delivery...maudie's lonely newfie love was quietly sitting at home, minding his own business on his stupid 6 foot tie down, when maudie swooped in and made his dreams come true.
except those were not the dreams i was speaking about in our mission statement, i was thinking of less basic dreams at the time.


If the gargantuan Ridgeback across the street tried to have his way with my Maybee Baby, I'd remove his testicles (yeah, he still has em) through his nose.


watch it tho, she might run across the street for a quicky cuz i don't think we ever decided from her xrays if she was in fact spayed or not...that raw meat diet is making her pretty perkie and apparently senior saints dogs like sex.


Carol said: "if you become vegetarian she won’t be the least bit interested in your dinner. "

Has hell frozen over and nobody told me? I knew global warming was happening, but......


This is a 14 or 15 lb dog who can eat 2 lbs of raw meat a day (but generally eats only 1/2 lb). No more skinny, scrawny, bony old dog. Landing at SAINTS was the best thing that ever happened to Mabel. Her bright eyes, her confident bark, her silly play bows....everyone who knows her will do whatever it takes to keep this little diva as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Long live the little tyrant. :)


if you become vegetarian she won't be the least bit interested in your dinner.

Chris T

What Deb didn't know is that Mable had already eaten her body weight in cooked turkey. Normally Maybee loves her raw beef and liver, preferably hand fed. But today all she could smell was turkey - and she was going to get her some. So, she refused to eat her beef and liver and barked until Angelina relented and fed her cooked turkey. She definately rules the roost and she is definately home.